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Overland Ranch between Envision Gallery and Sushi a La Hattori

1405 Paseo del Pueblo Norte Suite D-E

El Prado, NM 87529


What We’re All About

Welcome to Two Trees bed & bath located at the Overland Ranch between Envision Gallery and Sushi a la Hattori. We stock fine linen and products that help you create serene and luxurious environments in the private areas of your home.

Ann Gish and Beflax bedding
Bed and nightstand courtesy of Red Arrow Emporium
Foot Quilt and pillow by Ann Gish
Terra Cotta Linen bedsheets by BeFlax

Who do we carry?

Cozy Earth bamboo bathrobes and sheets
French Knot felted sliipers
Beflax cozy linen sheet sets
Blankets, towels and robes for your ventures in nature
Bamboo sheet sets
Warm cozy bathrobes
sheets for the kids in pretty colors
Designer duvets and shams
Towels and sheets for your home
Handcremes and perfumes
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